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Welcome to our new site at! We are still under construction, so bear with us as we better our interface. Thanks!

Our team of voyagers is a father/son duo, riding motorcycles wherever riding is possible... or is a struggle. When founder Mark Paseman and Company partner Niko Paseman dealt with the loss Kathy Paseman, wife of Mark and mother of Niko, the MotoVoyager was born. We at MotoVoyager wish to build a site to get together and plan trips both near and far from home. This a place to share experiences and GPS files so others can take your trips as well.

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Camping near Yellowstone 2010 June 19th:
I woke this morning to moist, cold feet and the sound of rain and birds. The rain only lasted a couple minutes, but we got out to dry the tent after it stopped and within minutes we were both freezing. We packed up quickly, cooked up oatmeal and drank hot chocolate. I was so anxious to get something hot in my stomach; I burned my tongue on the hot chocolate. We finished up, geared up, and got on and rode over to the lodge for stamps, but it was closed.

On the road again! Riding up towards Yellowstone was pretty, but not near as pretty as when we arrived. I walked up a path near a waterfall at the entrance that dad decided to skip, and about wore myself out doing so with my boots on. Later, we got to Old Faithful and the nearby “Old Faithful Inn,” which had amazing architecture. We had about an hour, so we did passport stamping, and grabbed food at the bike, and the camera to catch Old Faithful in action. It was a few minutes late and several minutes long, and definitely stunning. We visited some other smaller geysers nearby and walked too far for what we wore. After all was done, we got back on the bikes and rode on the route to Lower Falls. A stop was made in canyon village to check the map, get a stamp, and look for water. Water was a bust, but we hopped on and moved out.

Lower falls was quite a dizzying sight to behold. With sheer cliffs on either side of the lookout paths, we kept to the center of paths as much as possible. A girl with purple tipped blonde hair gave me googly eyes at one stop. We were soon tired of stopping every five minutes, and rode on. Two separate times, bison got trapped on the road, and the first time, I rode in too hot and got too close for comfort to a very scared bison maybe two or three times the size of my bike and I. I backed off to make him feel a little braver and move on and it slowly worked... Read the blog!